Detained Hong Kong protesters complain of torture and beatings

Three detained anti-government protesters in Hong Kong last year said they had been abused and tortured in prison, according to RTHK Broadcasting Corporation.

Detained Hong Kong protesters complain of torture and beatings

They made their statement in a recorded video message, which was broadcast during a press conference organized by one of the founders of the Demosisto party, anti-government activist Joshua Wong.

Young people whose faces were hidden reported that prison guards took them to places where there were no surveillance cameras, and they beat them with elbows, clubs, wooden sticks and metal rulers.

They said that once the guards found them when they sang the anthem of the anti-government protest movement Glory to Hong Kong, after which they were taken to where there were no cameras, and they started beating them in the face, and after the guards were tired, the young men were ordered to beat in the face of ourselves.

Young people also said they were forced to read out loud and shout “thank you sir”, while the correctional staff beat them hand and foot.

Joshua Wong, who had also previously served a sentence for participating in protests and complained of ill-treatment in prison, said that it would be extremely difficult to prove these violations without surveillance cameras, and the guards are well aware that they can easily avoid punishment for ill-treatment of convicts.

He also said that they could send a complaint to the UN for human rights violations.

Mass protests provoked by the consideration of the extradition bill have been held in Hong Kong since early June 2019. After large-scale protests, Hong Kong authorities made concessions, and in early October, the bill was completely withdrawn. However, the protests did not stop, they became small, but more fierce. Over half a year, over 900 demonstrations, marches, and protests took place in Hong Kong.


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