Why are the US afraid of engaging in direct military confrontation with Russia?

With undeniable military power, the United States allows itself provocations around the world, writes the Chinese author. However, they do not dare to directly provoke Russia. Why? The author names the three main weaknesses of the United States, which limit their ambitions.

Why are the US afraid of engaging in direct military confrontation with Russia?

Currently, the United States is in first place in the world in terms of aggregate national power, and relying on its strong military power, the United States can atrocity around the world, neglecting international public opinion and even international rules and arbitrarily unleashing wars in other countries.

However, the United States cannot calmly provoke any country, and so far, Russia, which the United States does not dare to touch easily, is Russia. The reason the United States does not dare to provoke Russia in any way is because America has three weaknesses.

Firstly, based on Russia’s experience in conducting local wars in recent years, it can be seen that Russia has an extremely powerful ability to respond quickly.

Despite the fact that the number of military bases around the world in Russia is much smaller than that of the United States, and thus, until Russia can deliver such a global blow as the United States, however, the military response rate of Russia in some aspects significantly exceeds the United States, and this in fact a big problem that the United States is very concerned about. For example, during the Syrian war and crisis in Ukraine, Russia’s sudden actions took the American army by surprise.

Secondly, the main pride of the United States strike weapons is their carrier strike group, but Russia is also the country with the largest number of nuclear weapons in the world.

At the same time, Russia is developing a large number of intercontinental ballistic missiles, submarines and anti-ship ballistic missiles, which can inflict a devastating blow on aircraft carriers and foreign military bases of the United States, and even on the most continental part of America. Although Americans have always been skeptical about whether or not aircraft carriers can hit a missile, one cannot but admit that if war really breaks out, no matter what weapons the US aircraft carriers attack, any type of attack will already cause a severe headache for the United States.

Thirdly, with regard to the United States, America’s frequent policy is to impose an embargo on resources after the outbreak of war in a particular country, making it incapable of confronting the US military. However, such a scheme is not suitable for Russia, because Russia is a resource-dependent country. The Russian Federation relies mainly on oil and natural gas exports, so even if the United States imposes a resource blockade on Russia, it will be self-sufficient enough and will not provide the United States with a convenient chance to initiate action.


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