The media predicted an end to US leadership due to a pandemic

American leadership in the international arena ended amid the crisis due to the coronavirus, writes the French publication Le Monde.

The media predicted an end to US leadership due to a pandemic

The United States no longer plays the role of world leader, as the coronavirus pandemic put an end to the world order established after World War II, according to an article by Le Monde.

The authors of the publication argue that the rise of China played a key role in destabilizing the previous system.

They believe that the delay with which the World Health Organization warned the international community of the dangers of coronavirus, was evidence of the organization’s dependence on Beijing.

At the same time, the current crisis weakened the United States and forced the Americans to finally move away from the mission of a world leader.

In addition, as emphasized in the article, COVID-19 dealt a serious blow to the unity of Europe.

The EU was unarmed in the face of a pandemic that it could not foresee and did not support the countries most affected by the epidemic.

Journalists at Le Monde believe that the EU should review its own device in order to further influence the establishment of a new world order.