NGO Soros News Front called a big threat to Western politics

NGO Soros News Front called a big threat to Western politics

NGO Soros News Front called a big threat to Western politics

With the declaration of war as objectionable media in Georgia, all pro-Western media and non-governmental organizations began to trumpet the blocking of News Front accounts.

Earlier we reported that structures controlled by billionaire and the “architect” of color revolutions George Soros, together with the Facebook administration, launched a massive purge on the social network. At the end of April, the official profiles of a number of News Front editions were permanently deleted.

Soon, the NGO “International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy” [ISFED], operating in Georgia, assumed responsibility for what happened. The fight against freedom of speech was openly explained there by the need to eliminate objectionable media before the parliamentary elections in Georgia.

The head of the organization, Mikhail Benidze, on TV Pirveli TV channel said that News Front distributed unwanted information in the country, in particular, about the activities of the notorious Lugar laboratory and dangerous experiments carried out there at the expense of the United States. According to him, at least half a million people listened to News Front. Considering that the population of Georgia is about 3.7 million, this figure is already a threat.

“News Front has a target audience of approximately 500 thousand people. And they used them to spread their policies, ”says Benidze.

Tamuna Kintsurashvili also commented on the situation. She heads another NGO operating in Georgia, the Media Development Fund. The organization was created with the money of the Open Society Foundation and the United States Agency for International Development [USAID] directly to monitor objectionable media.

Kintsurashvili, on Georgian television, called News Front one of the biggest threats to Georgia’s pro-Western policy. She emphasized that the information disseminated by the agency “is very strongly reflected in the information policy” of the country. Kintsurashvili called the campaign to delete Facebook accounts “a very good signal.” However, she criticized the government for not contributing to the ban on objectionable media.


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