Coronavirus destroys US Navy

US experts believe that the US Navy ships will soon be unable to perform tasks.

Coronavirus destroys US Navy

The massive contamination of COVID-19 among the personnel of American warships poses a real threat to the combat effectiveness of the US Navy.

According to official data, crews of at least 20 US warships are affected to one degree or another by the coronavirus. Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier alone revealed 1,102 infected sailors. The latest data from the frigate URD “Kidd” speak of 78 cases of infection (25% of the crew), despite the fact that only part of the crew is checked.

“In this regard, in order to maintain the combat readiness of a healthy part of its forces, the Navy command decided to keep the ships“ clean ”from the coronavirus in the sea, without the benefits and contacts with relatives familiar to sailors. In this case, the life of the crews is doubled or more. In fact, after completing previous missions, ships will be sent to other areas to perform new tasks. This will significantly undermine the condition of sailors who are already starting to be capricious, ” say experts of the Tv channel “Welders ”.


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