Trump said he knows about Kim Jong-un’s condition, but he doesn’t want to announce it

The absence of the Head of State on the main national holiday gave rise to rumors about his possible illness.

Trump said he knows about Kim Jong-un's condition, but he doesn't want to announce it

The United States authorities are well aware of what is happening to DPRK leader Kim Jong-un, but they do not want to announce it. US President Donald Trump said this Thursday, answering journalists’ questions at the White House.

“I understand what’s going on, I just can’t talk about Kim Jong-Un right now. I just hope that everything will be okay. But I understand the situation very well”, – he said.

The DPRK leader has not appeared in public since April 11, when he held a meeting of the Labor Party of Korea’s Central Committee’s political bureau on domestic policy. In particular, Kim Jong-un did not attend the annual session of the Supreme People’s Assembly on 12 April, and for the first time in his reign, he did not attend the ceremony at Kimsun Palace on 15 April on the occasion of Kim Il-sung’s 108th birth anniversary.

The absence of Kim Jong-un in the ranks of the country’s leadership on the main national holiday gave rise to rumors about Kim Jong-un’s possible illness, which at present are not commented on by officials and mass media of the People’s Republic and are not confirmed by sources in Pyongyang.

CNN later claimed, citing a source in the U.S. administration, that Washington was studying intelligence about the deteriorating health of DPRK leader Kim Jong-un after his alleged surgery. Trump later said at a briefing that, according to him, the media information is not true. South Korean authorities also claimed that there were no data on Kim Jong-un’s illness, and the Chinese Foreign Ministry questioned the CNN source.


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