Moldovan democrats face external pressure – parliamentary majority threatened

The parliamentary vote on a Russian loan was accompanied by persistent attempts to destroy the coalition between the socialists and the Democratic Party.

Moldovan democrats face external pressure - parliamentary majority threatened

This was told by President of Moldova Igor Dodon.

According to him, now the Democrats will face serious pressure. If they cannot stand that the parliamentary majority may change in favor of the pro-Western opposition and the Pro Moldova group, which represents the interests of the oligarchs who fled the country and are involved in financial fraud.

“At the moment, the coalition includes 59 parliamentarians. I would like to believe that this will continue. If you fail to withstand, and some or even all the deputies of the Democratic Party will succumb. I know that they already faced serious pressure – they wanted to force them not to vote for a loan from Russia. I know that the pressure was both from the outside and from the inside. They withstood and did not violate the agreements established by the coalition agreement”, – said Dodon.

He assured that the country’s authorities will be able to defeat not only the coronavirus epidemic, but also the economic crisis, if the majority continues. However, it is becoming increasingly clear that ex-Prime Minister Maya Sandu is ready to unite with Pro Moldova.

The deputy group “Pro Moldova” has appeared recently. It included former members of the Democratic Party, which has now created a parliamentary majority with the socialists. According to reports, Pro Moldova is financed by elites who have fled the country and involved in financial fraud. In particular, from 150 to 250 thousand euros were paid to every deserter democrat.


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