Chinese Embassy dedicated a cartoon of the U.S. reaction to the coronavirus

The United States was aware in January of the threat of a new type of coronavirus, but not only did it not respond, but it also criticized China’s actions.

This was the subject of a short cartoon published by the press service of the Chinese Embassy in France.

The video shows that back in December Beijing warned about “strange pneumonia”. When it became clear in January that the cause was a new type of coronavirus, the US said: “It’s just flu”. When there were calls for self-isolation, the US claimed it was “violating human rights”. When special hospitals for COVID-19 treatment were built in China, the US compared them to “concentration camps”. When China reported that its medical system was overloaded, the US mocked “Look at the backward China”. On warnings that the coronavirus was spreading by air, the US said the disease would “magically” disappear in April.

In March, China reported a decline in the number of infected people and began helping other countries, but the US began to claim that Beijing “lied”, “did not warn” and provided “false information”.

“The virus is not dangerous, but millions of Chinese have died, even though the virus is not. We are right. Even though we contradict ourselves”, –  says the Statue of Liberty figurine depicting the US in the cartoon.