Protests against restrictions during the pandemic were held in the Czech Republic

They were organized in the form of walks by participants who kept a social distance of 2 m and wore medical masks.

Protests against restrictions during the pandemic were held in the Czech Republic

Protests against social restrictions imposed by the Czech government during the pandemic took place on Wednesday in Prague and the city of Brno in the south-east of the country. According to the organizers, they were attended by about 3 thousand citizens. Police reported several hundred participants.

The actions, which took place against the background of the emergency situation in the country, were held in the form of walks of participants. The rallies were not held.

In Prague, such walks were held from 18:00 in the area of Letna Park, adjacent to the historic center of the capital. The police did not prevent the walkers, as they did not violate the sanitary and epidemiological requirements of the authorities: they kept a social distance of 2 m, wore medical masks.

The protest was organized by the “One Million Moments for Democracy” movement, which in the last two years held several major rallies in Prague demanding the resignation of the dollar billionaire Andrei Babiš from the post of Czech Prime Minister. This time, participants in the walk expressed their disagreement with the policy of the government he leads with inscriptions on the mini-transparants and posters. Some of them said: “Government, when will you open schools?”, “My children have the right to education!”, “We do not want a vaccine, we want freedom!”.

The emergency regime has been in force in the republic since March 12th. It expires on May 25th. The authorities intend to protect elderly citizens, children and adolescents from the coronavirus.

Since the beginning of March, 7,563 cases of infection with new coronavirus have been detected in the Czech Republic, whose population is about 10.6 million people. From the disease caused by it, 227 people died and 3,096 were cured. Since March 1, when the Ministry of Health announced the appearance of the infection on the national territory, 234,985 people have been tested.


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