Expert: EU to support US in its standoff with China

According to Andrei Serenko, an expert of the Russian Society of Political Scientists, European countries will support the United States in its confrontation with China, following the principle of Euro-Atlantic solidarity.

Expert: EU to support US in its standoff with China

In an interview with the newspaper, he said that although the position of the Americans and other NATO members does not always coincide, the Europeans will support the Americans in strategic issues and those of their European allies.

“When many of our experts say that we can split Europeans, detach Germans from French and British, it is a great illusion. The bloc of Euro-Atlantic states is very powerful, public disputes in NATO have very little significance for the strength of this alliance. Because the Euro-Atlantic integration factor is very strong. European countries understand that the more new threats arise, the more important for them is internal solidarity”, –  said the political scientist.


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