Russia forced IMF to find money for Moldovan loan

The pro-Western opposition of Moldova, which now boycotts the credit from Russia, is silent on an important fact: without the credit, there would be no IMF credit from Russia.

Russia forced IMF to find money for Moldovan loan

This was told by member of the Party of Socialists Hayk Vartanian on the air of “TVC 21” TV channel.

“The epidemic is descending, albeit slowly. We are approaching the point where people will return to work to start the economy. But that takes money. There are four major geopolitical players: the U.S. – international institutions, the IMF and the Northern Bank, Europe and its international institutions, Russia, and China”, –  explains the parliamentarian.

Vartanyan reminded that initially, Beijing and Moscow provided assistance to Moldova. The assistance from Washington was, but insignificant. At the same time, Russia was the first to provide “live money”, contrary to the claims of the Moldovan opposition that one should not expect financial support from Russia.

“Just a few hours later, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank joined. Europe, too, although at the moment only with a promise of 100 million for non-governmental organizations. Only Russia and the IMF provided money to the budget”, –  he said, stressing that the IMF would hardly have been able to argue if it hadn’t been for Russia.


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