Revolution brewing in US: Congress may start arresting Trump administration officials

The confrontation between the Democrats and Donald Trump could provoke a dangerous precedent.

Revolution brewing in US: Congress may start arresting Trump administration officials

It is reported by the publication Politico.

In another rush to get incriminating evidence against the president, the House of Representatives of the US Congress is counting on the testimony of former White House lawyer Donald McGan. We are talking about information regarding Trump’s attempts to prevent the scandalous investigation of RussiaGate, conducted by special prosecutor Robert Muller.

However, against this background, a new dispute has arisen between the presidential administration and the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives. The latter are trying to achieve the execution of their summons, demanding evidence.

The District of Columbia Court of Appeals even held a hearing on Tuesday. At the same time, several judges warned that a ban on Congress to enforce their subpoenas could push lawmakers to arrest senior Trump administration officials or take even more drastic measures. One of the participants in the meeting noted that, as an alternative, only “revolution” remains.

Lawyer representing the presidential administration and an employee of the Ministry of Justice Hashim Muppan, in turn, noted that Congress can send subpoenas, but the execution of subpoenas is “the presidential prerogative”.

Judge Nina Pillard noted that the Justice Department’s position leaves Congress with a limited list of “nuclear options” for further action.

As noted in the publication, the situation can be called a victory for Trump, because the Democrats have not so many chances to get information from McGan before the presidential election.


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