COVID-19 pushes EAEU countries to deepen integration

It is a mistake to believe that the best solution in a pandemic is isolation of the state. It is much more important to create such an international integration, which will allow us to develop a collective response.

COVID-19 pushes EAEU countries to deepen integration

This statement was made by the Russian ambassador to Kyrgyzstan Nikolai Udovichenko.

According to him, the coronavirus pandemic allowed on the other hand to look at the Eurasian Economic Union. He emphasized that the processes within the framework of the community should be accelerated.

“It is necessary to follow the path of deepening integration. Amid the pandemic, many people think that they need to close their apartments. But no, we need to agree on how we can expand integration, and so that it can develop collective answers. This time it didn’t work out that way. I had to wait until the EAEU mechanism worked and basically all communication went on a bilateral basis. I believe that we have every chance to look at integration from a different perspective. Find solutions faster, ”said the diplomat.


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