In Serbia, military doctors from the Russian Federation examined patients with COVID-19

Russian military doctors examined patients in a hospital in the Serbian city of Vrsac.

Our epidemiologists processed the building and advised local specialists on how to reorganize the patient distribution and treatment system in order to avoid the spread of infection.

Over the past day alone, several calculations by doctors disinfected more than 30 objects and took about fifty patients infected with coronavirus. Russian doctors are also active in Italy. At the request of the authorities, our specialists give priority to boarding houses for the elderly.

They process buildings and adjacent roads, as well as monitor the condition of seriously ill patients. The British Guardian devoted an entire article to the work of Russian military doctors. An authoritative publication noted that our professionals are mainly engaged in the so-called red zone and treat patients with complications. At the same time, the authors indicated that neither Germany nor France provided the Italians with such assistance, unlike Moscow.