Hooded people aren’t the worst: The German media are warning of riots

Due to the mandatory wearing of masks adopted on Monday, some reputable media apparently expect a change in public mood.

Hooded people aren't the worst: The German media are warning of riots

Julian Reichelt in “Bild” (April 26) under the headline “The end of stubbornness in crown politics!” is in favour of increased pragmatism, and therefore strongly criticizes the previous course of government and authorities.

The leaflet reads:
“(…) Almost all the experts to whom we (must) entrust ourselves in this crisis have been so wrong at almost every step that our faith in them can only be explained by despair. They made a mockery of wearing masks. It is now mandatory. They warned against closing schools and kindergartens. Millions of children have been home for weeks now. They’ve closed the borders. Now nobody comes to the country. Despite all the measures, they have repeatedly warned of the imminent collapse of our health system. There is now a ghostly calm and fear of unemployment in the hospital corridors. The Robert Koch Institute opposed the autopsy of the crown victims. Now it’s happening anyway, and forensic experts say not everyone really died from the Crown”

With remarkable clarity, commentator Bild stresses the responsibility of the federal government for irreparable damage to the economy as a result of measures against the coronavirus.

Reichelt says: “No party, perhaps even the Democrats, could have survived if the economy had been rapidly destroyed. That’s why we are becoming more and more stubborn and powerful. This situation reminds me of the refugee crisis”, –  said Merkel, a member of the government.

And further: “The strength of democracy is that it can withstand the most inconvenient debates. But if it gets in the way, it will lose its essence.”

“Berliner Zeitung” also expressed its opinion under the heading “Mood will change”:

“Politics has lost all dimensions. (…) Mood can change at any time – and it will.”

As the current measures against the crown have a significant impact on the familiar pre-crown environment, poverty and unemployment will arise in many areas. The majority, who currently support restrictions, may change their position dramatically.

Conclusion: “The hooded faces we will see from Monday onwards are just the beginning of a profound change. It will not be a wonderful new world”.


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