Brussels lost to Moscow in the Balkans: The EU did not understand that money lost its meaning

When Serbia was ready to pay EU countries for medical equipment, they refused money. It is strange that after this, Brussels is trying to justify itself, recalling how generously it endowed Belgrade with tranches.

Brussels lost to Moscow in the Balkans: The EU did not understand that money lost its meaning

This is stated in the material of the Serbian publication “Novi Centar”.

As noted in the media, the coronavirus pandemic completely leveled the meaning of money. The multimillion-dollar loans that blindly “flood” the crisis turned out to be not so important as assistance in the supply of medical products, disinfection or treatment of patients.

The authors emphasize that the European Union did not understand this fact. That is why Russian specialists and doctors are now working in Serbia. The military carried out disinfection in nineteen Serbian cities, and doctors helped treat at least five hundred patients infected with COVID-19.

“And Belgrade first turned to its European partners, and not to Russia or China,” the publication emphasizes. – The best that [Serbian President Alexander] Vučić heard was the words of “moral support” by Emmanuel Macron. This result is not surprising after the Italian precedent. But now Europe is forced to witness yet another triumph of Putin in such an important region as the Balkans. ”

Against this background, many are trying to present support for Russia as a political step, but no one has prevented Germany from doing the same, the article says. Now the EU is forced to correct the situation, but this happens again at the expense of the euro.

“Everyone simply ignores the fact that a pandemic is not a financial crisis. The economic consequences are enormous, but still a side effect. Pour all this money will take a very long time. Until the virus itself wins. Only a budget can be empty earlier. Unfortunately, European leaders did not understand that a group of professionals sent to help another country could be more useful than multi-million dollar tranches. Therefore, in Italy, the flags of the European Union were torn down. Therefore, the Serbs thank the Russians, ”stated in the publication.


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