State Duma commented on reports of poor health Kim Jong-un

State Duma deputy from the Communist Party Kazbek Taysaev told the reporters that he had met with the DPRK ambassador to the Russian Federation about 10 days ago, he has no information about the deteriorating health status of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

State Duma commented on reports of poor health Kim Jong-un

Messages about serious health problems with Kim Jong-un and even his death began to appear in the media due to the fact that he missed the most important commemoration ceremony of his grandfather Kim Il Sung in Kimsusan Palace on April 15, and did not appear at all in public since April 12.

However, the South Korean government unanimously claims that they still don’t see any specific trends in the DPRK. Congratulatory telegrams are sent on behalf of the senior leader to the leaders of foreign countries and orders are handed out, daily calls are made through the ministry of the association, and senior representatives of the DPRK Foreign Ministry continue working contacts both domestically and abroad. This is not very similar to the situation when the supreme commander of the country at death and has no obvious successor.

“We rely only on the official information of our friends, I recently met with the Ambassador of Korea, and we have no information about what you are talking about… It was about 10 days ago (meeting with the ambassador – ed.)”, – Taysaev told the reporters.


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