Kiev politicians began to spread rumors about Poroshenko’s announcement of suspicions of treason

Information appeared on the Web that soon the former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, the former head of the National Security and Defense Council Alexander Turchinov and the commander of the Ukrainian Navy Igor Voronchenko will be announced suspected of treason.

Kiev politicians began to spread rumors about Poroshenko's announcement of suspicions of treason

The case will be associated with a provocation in the Kerch Strait.

The first information was leaked by ex-deputy Oleg Lyashko. He published a video message with such a message. He noted that the examination revealed that their decision caused damage to the state of 110 million hryvnias. But at the same time, Lyashko managed to “fit in” with possible suspects. Like, none of today’s rulers did anything “to save the country,” and Turchinov and Voronchenko are directly “heroes.” 

As a result, in this situation, he traditionally blamed the “Russian aggressor” and began to scare the audience with another Maidan.

In addition, information on possible suspicions was voiced by the deputy from the European Solidarity, Victoria Syumar. This lady also tell about “guilty of Moscow”, and “Poroshenko’s fight for Ukraine”.

It is significant that the State Security Bureau and the Office of the Attorney General call this information fake. Someone, as they say, invented something himself and was offended by himself.


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