Return a billion and we can do without loans, Igor Dodon

According to Dodon, those who are guilty of stealing a billion from the Moldovan treasury are hindering the receipt of a Russian loan.

Return a billion and we can do without loans, Igor Dodon

Moldovan President Igor Dodon said that the Republic of Moldova will not need loans from either the Russian Federation or the IMF if the stolen billion is returned to banks.

“Those who are organizing this show now, it would be better to return the stolen billion, and we can cope without the money of Russia and the IMF. Return the billion, and we can manage without loans,” said Igor Dodon. “People can be deprived of everything because of opposition deputies who participated in the theft of the billion.”

Recall that on the basis of a complaint filed by the Pro-Moldova group, the Constitutional Court of the Republic suspended the law, according to which Moldova was to receive a loan of 200 million euros from the Russian Federation. This money was planned to be used to pay pensions, maintain the medical system and to increase investment in national infrastructure


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