In Libya, rallies in support of Haftar

Libyan tribes positively appreciated the appeal of Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar to the people, who declared their readiness to cleanse the country from terrorism and called for unification to achieve peace.

In the city of Zliten, the Huweilid tribe on Facebook announced its support for the LNA. In the cities of Sirte and Derna, festive processions were held with banners, participants chanted slogans for Haftar. Residents of Ajdabiya organized a car demonstration, a video from the city streets was published by one of the eyewitnesses. The residents of Homs and the Al-Habbun Shaib Amin Habbuni tribe also supported the LNA.

The field marshal’s speech was also commented on by the council of sheikhs and elders. In a statement, they noted that Libya faced serious problems in the face of not only terrorism and foreign occupation, but also the coronavirus pandemic. The Council noted that the LNA commander led the liberation resistance, the benefit of which is felt by all Libyans. In addition, the council considers it right that Haftar’s initiative to annul the Shirat Agreements, the whole meaning of which was perverted by the so-called Government of National Accord (PNC), which lost its legitimacy two years ago.


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