Venezuelan opposition draws huge awards while discussing medical assistance

The self-proclaimed “president” of Venezuela, Juan Guaido, together with his associates decided to issue themselves monthly bonuses in the amount of 5 thousand dollars.

Venezuelan opposition draws huge awards while discussing medical assistance

This was announced on Friday, April 24, the agency “Associated Press”, citing its own sources.

According to media reports, the decision was made last week by the country’s parliament, whose speaker is the American protege Guaido. It is noteworthy that initially the opposition considered the possibility of premiums to local doctors who are struggling with the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus infection in the country. It was about bonuses of $ 100, which is a large sum for Venezuelans.

The source of funds is the official assets of Caracas, which were frozen by the American administration. $ 80 million was used by the Venezuelan opposition to create the so-called Liberation Fund. The statutory act on the creation of the fund, as sources reported, and contained information on five thousandth prizes.

The document itself was not published in the official publication of the parliament in accordance with the requirements. Guaido representatives hastened to refute the scandalous information.

As News Front reported earlier, at the beginning of last year, the Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido, with US support, proclaimed himself the “president” of the Bolivarian Republic instead of the elected head of state, Nicolas Maduro. Washington immediately recognized the legitimacy of Guaido, forcing many other countries to do so. Nevertheless, after several futile attempts to lure the army to his side and carry out a coup, Guaido was never able to seize power in the country.


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