United States will not provide assistance to those who cooperate with China

The American Senate is becoming a factory for stamping new sanctions. This time, countries that are in debt to China may be in debt.

United States will not provide assistance to those who cooperate with China

The U.S. will not help those who cooperate with China.

Today, April 24, Reuters reports that developing countries seeking assistance in connection with the Coronavirus pandemic should disclose information about debt and other obligations to China. A group of U.S. senators made such a request to the US administration.
“The appeal to Secretary of State Michael Pompeo and Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin was supported by 16 senators, including Chairman of the Banking Committee Michael Crapo and Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley. The letter proposes to assist by restructuring the debt of the states affected by the pandemic, but with the condition that the support or conclusion of any agreement on the financial sector by the U.S. should be provided only after receiving information about all obligations to Beijing, including under the Chinese initiative “One Belt, One Way,” – said the report.
It should be noted that in the framework of the project “One Belt – One Way” China implements large-scale infrastructure projects in the Eurasian continent, significant funds of Chinese companies and the state in recent years have been directed to the assistance and development of African and Latin American states. Thus, the hype around the pandemic is used by the United States to create competitive advantages through the use of dirty methods of economic pressure. Nothing new.


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