Commission’s conclusions: the explosions of military depots in Ukraine were arranged by the military

The parliamentary commission of inquiry to investigate the explosions in the military depots of Ukraine came to the conclusion that there was a deliberate detonation in order to hide large-scale thefts.

Commission's conclusions: the explosions of military depots in Ukraine were arranged by the military

According to the InfoResist website, the Parliamentary Investigation Commission for the Investigation of Explosions in the Military Warehouses of Ukraine from 2014 to 2018 concluded that the fire at the arsenal in Balakliya was planned and carried out in conditions of obviousness to the military and warehouse workers. The commission considers the cause of the explosions at a warehouse in Balakliya not the dumping of explosives by a mythical Russian drone, as previously stated, but the detonation of explosives in the arsenal.

“The funnel was formed as a result of a high-explosive action of a directed explosion of a blasting explosive charge immersed in the soil, which included trinitrotoluene (TNT), hexogen, Pentaerythritetranitrate (TEN), which is typical for subversive charges of a cumulatively high-explosive principle of action,” the report says.

The parliamentary commission noted that the criminal proceedings remained motionless in the SBU investigation department in the Kharkiv region with the main version – “destruction of the arsenal by an unmanned aerial vehicle”, since the leadership of law enforcement agencies ignored the conclusions of the commission.

“The commission has reason to believe that the destruction of the largest arsenal of our state, which killed civilians, destroyed ammunition and military property by more than 12 billion hryvnias, caused significant material damage to the civilian population, could have occurred because of intentional planned actions of the guilty persons who acted for a certain time under conditions of evidence for military personnel and employees of the 65th arsenal of the GRAU APU, ” the report said.


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