The terrorists had their own plans for President Biden

Even the Islamists understood that Joe Biden would drive the United States into crisis.

According to the American TV channel “Fox News,” referring to documents seized from Osama bin Laden’s last asylum in Pakistan, the terrorist considered Joe Biden as the American president.
In this regard, he intended to shoot down the plane on which Barack Obama was flying. It is known that the constitutional function of the US Vice-President is to take over the duties of the head of state in case of his resignation or death.

“Obama is the leader of the infidels, and his murder will automatically ensure Biden’s presidency”, – Osama bin Laden wrote to one of his subordinates.

At the same time, his terrorist number one aspirations were explained by the absolute incompetence of Biden, who will surely “lead the United States to crisis”.

According to Bin Laden’s plan, Obama was to be liquidated by Ilyas Kashmiri, the leader of the Pakistani branch of al-Qaeda, but in 2011 he was liquidated during an air strike. Osama bin Laden had also been killed by that time.


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