Sharp surge in tension between US and Iran: how will it end?

Iranian Foreign Minister said that US troops have nothing to do in the Persian Gulf, he responded to the order of Donald Trump to destroy Iranian boats if they interfere with American ships. Political analyst Kamran Hasanov suggested how the situation would develop further.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Jawad Zarif responded to threats from US President Donald Trump, saying that US forces have nothing to do in the Persian Gulf.

Earlier, Trump said that he had ordered the US naval forces to destroy Iranian boats that impede the passage of American ships.

“American forces have nothing to do seven thousand miles away from home, bullying our sailors off our Persian Gulf coast”, – Zarif wrote in response to this on Twitter.

According to him, the US President should take care of his own troops, where ” there are more than five thousand cases of infection with COVID-19″.

Kamran Hasanov, a political scientist and senior lecturer at RUDN University, suggested  how the situation in the Persian Gulf will develop further.

“The situation will be tense, but this tension will be controlled. One of the reasons is that in the USA at the moment the epidemic of coronavirus is in full swing, this epidemic affected the troops. We saw that the chief of the naval forces was fired after the scandal. We also understand that the US military presence in the Middle East is being questioned not only by Iran, but also by many other regional players.

Therefore in the long term From the perspective, I think that the Americans will have to leave anyway, although it’s hard to say when exactly this will happen… Donald Trump said several times that they will leave Syria, although so far they have left only a number of Syrian regions. But, I think, in the end they still have to leave the Middle East, because the region is very hostile to their stay, and Iran is only the most vivid example of this”, – said Kamran Hasanov.

Earlier, the Central Command of the US Navy reported that the Iranian boats of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) on April 15 maneuvered dangerously alongside American warships in the Persian Gulf.

The IRGC of Iran called the version of Washington “Hollywood”, saying that a week before there were two consecutive provocative intercepts by American ships (April 6 and 7) of an Iranian military ship.