Massive fire engulfed the Jerusalem City Hall


On Wednesday, April 22, it became known that a fire had started in Jerusalem at the City Hall. Rescuers managed to eliminate the fire and nobody else is in danger.

The Jerusalem Mayor’s Office caught fire on Wednesday night, spokesman for the Jerusalem Fire Department Leahy bin Lolo said. In just one hour the firefighters managed to eliminate the fire.
The fire started in the main building of the complex, forcing the various committees to stop their work and leave. Those working in the office of Mayor Moshe Lion were also evacuated.

A representative of the Jerusalem Municipality said that emergency measures were taken after the fire was discovered and law enforcement officers and firemen were summoned to the scene.

Eight groups of firefighters worked to put out the fire and looked for anyone who might have been in the building. There is no information on the victims yet.
Police arrested a 40-year-old Arab for allegedly starting a fire. He is a resident of East Jerusalem, and threw a bottle of Molotov cocktail at the City Hall window.