In Georgia, Marneuli residents protest against the strict quarantine regime

In several villages of Marneuli municipality of Georgia, protests are held demanding the abolition of the strict quarantine regime.

People want to be able to move around and sell their products, they demand the opening of roads and the abolition of quarantine in the municipality.

The protesters have blocked the road linking Marneuli and the village of Shulaveri for some time. Saakashvili’s supporters – MP Azer Suleymanov and former MP Akhmed Imamkuliyev – were at the scene, who stated that he is not the organizer of the action and does not know those who organized it.
The Governor of Kvemo-Kartli, Shota Rehviashvili, and Marneuli Mayor, Zaur Dargali, came to meet with the disgruntled population. As the governor assured, local products will be fully sold. Trucks and representatives of the company that purchases goods from the population have arrived in the region.


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