Company related to money laundering asked to remove the arrest – the prosecutor’s office of Moldova did not refuse

The company implicated in the financial fraud of a fugitive Moldovan oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc ordered the prosecutor to be seized.

Company related to money laundering asked to remove the arrest - the prosecutor's office of Moldova did not refuse

It is reported by the publication “Ziarul de Gardă”.

One of the largest IT companies in Moldova, SRL Bass-Systems, was featured in the case of especially large-scale money laundering by the former head of the Democratic Party, Vladimir Plahotniuc. In this regard, last fall, the authorized capital of the company was arrested as part of the investigation.

A year ago, the company’s official share capital amounted to almost 3 million lei or 163 thousand dollars. 72% of them belonged to the Cypriot Assentis Holdings Limited, the rest to Romanian citizen Onisim Popescu. Last summer, after the escape of Plahotniuc, 51% went to the Austrian company S&T AG, and Popescu got 49%.

In October, the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office seized the company’s assets and bank accounts, but in February, by order of the prosecutor Alexander Cherney, the arrest was withdrawn.

According to the representative of the Prosecutor General’s Office Maria Vieru, the decision was made “at the request” of the leadership of the Moldovan company in order to complete the transaction on the sale of shares to an Austrian investor.

Alexander Cherney himself did not comment on the incident.


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