Americans protesting quarantine supplemented COVID-19 spread statistics

Mass protests against quarantine measures in Kentucky ended with a sharp increase in the number of those infected.

Americans protesting quarantine supplemented COVID-19 spread statistics

This was reported by state governor Andy Besher.

Protests unfolded last week. And now the state immediately recorded 273 new cases of infection. This daily rate was the highest in Kentucky for the entire epidemic in the United States. The total number of infected here is about 3 thousand.

“There are citizens who insist on opening Kentucky. People, it can kill people. Surely this is killing people”, – Besher said.

“We remain in a state of battle with the deadly and highly infectious virus”.

As News Front previously reported, the United States remains the world leader in the spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19. To date, the number of infected there has approached 773 thousand.

At the same time, 41 thousand people became victims of the virus. Against this background, President Donald Trump promotes the idea of ​​lifting quarantine measures, which, according to experts, is connected with his desire to resolve the crisis before the November elections. At the same time, Democrats are advocates of total isolation.


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