Rothschild’s money split the Moldovan democrats

Andrian Candu, the leader of the deserters in Moldova, did not choose financial transparency when it came to the money of the famous financier Nathaniel Rothschild.

Rothschild's money split the Moldovan democrats

Rothschild’s money split the Moldovan democrats.

The current head of the Democratic Party of Moldova Pavel Filip told about it on the air of “Jurnal TV”.

As previously reported by News Front, last year the DPM, while still under the leadership of the scandalous oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc, attempted to carry out a coup d’état. Thus Plahotniuk tried to prevent the formation of the ruling coalition of socialists and the ACUM bloc in parliament. The democrats were known for corruption schemes and machinations, so the loss of power was especially dangerous for them.

Philip, in turn, noted that not all party members were happy about the “reset”. According to the politician, in the process of reforming, he tried to find answers to a number of questions about party financing.

“I failed to get answers to many questions from these people. For example, what is the connection with political activity and the party during the trip to Israel? Who was the meeting with there? Where did the money come from, what did they offer for funding? I wouldn’t want to make the same mistakes that the Democratic Party had in the past. Financial transparency is fundamental and everyone who did not agree with it left”, –  Filip said, pointing to the formation of the Pro Moldova parliamentary group by several former Democrats.

In the same context, he pointed out that the current Pro Moldova leader, Adrian Candu, was considering the prospect of taking money from Nathaniel Rothschild.

“I was wondering why Nathaniel Rothschild should sponsor the PDM at all. What is his benefit? Especially since he’s a citizen of another country. In raising that question, I didn’t get any clear answers. Andrian Kandu spoke figuratively,” said Philip.


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