In the midst of an economic crisis, Biden is trying to shake money out of the sponsors

Democrat Joe Biden needs a lot of financial resources to compete with Donald Trump in the presidential race, but the crisis has “knocked out” many potential sponsors.

In the midst of the economic crisis, Biden is trying to shake the money out of the sponsors.

This was reported by the agency “Reuters” on Friday, April 17.

According to the media, the Democrat is expected to have a huge deficit of funds in the coming months. Against this background, the team of Barack Obama joined the fundraising. Even Biden’s former one-party rivals are now working on lists of donors. It is noteworthy that Bernie Sanders, who gathered a huge army of admirers, refrained from helping Biden to find material support.
Trump’s headquarters have already summed up their fundraising this week. The incumbent president received a colossal $212 million this year alone. Against this backdrop, the fact that Biden’s team has not yet released its own results looks depressing. As noted in the media, as of the end of February, he had about $12 million.

“I think it’s very difficult to raise money now”, –  said Florida lawyer and longtime political donor John Morgan. – People don’t know how tragic their financial situation is.

Against that backdrop, Rufus Gifford, Obama’s former chief financial officer, is organizing an online fundraising event for Biden on May 1 with officials who worked for the former Democrat president. According to him, the task is to use the faces of the people who twice ensured the victory of Obama and Biden. The 77-year-old Democrat’s team is planning other online campaigns to attract some celebrities.


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