Following the U.S., the European Parliament has begun to look for “blame” instead of fighting the coronavirus pandemic

The European Parliament has called for the fight against Chinese and Russian “propaganda”.

Following the U.S., the European Parliament began a search for the “guilty” instead of fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

According to RT, on April 16, a draft resolution on the need to counteract “aggressive propaganda” of Russia and China in the European Union was submitted to the European Parliament. The author of the draft, MP Philip Lambert, demanded to begin counteracting “aggressive efforts of Russian and Chinese propaganda, using the COVID-19 pandemic to weaken the EU and increase public mistrust of the EU.

The proposed document lists the measures taken in the European Union to combat coronavirus and condemns the “propaganda activities” of countries both inside and outside the Union, allegedly motivated by political goals.

Earlier, accusations of disinformation against China and Russia were made by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and current US President Donald Trump announced the termination of WHO funding during the investigation on charges of negligence and covering up China.