A child of the American Army preferred a deal with the Syrian government

Washington’s review of Syrian politics has deprived pro-American groups of much of their funding, forcing militants to reconsider their position.

A child of the American army in Syria preferred a deal with Damascus.

In this regard, members of the Jaysh Maghavir al-Saura gang have also chosen to turn their backs on their “masters”. The group was formed for use against government forces in the U.S. occupied region near the military base “Al-Tunf”. The U.S. armed contingent expected to create a powerful strike force from Jaysh Magawir al-Saura, but the militants have suffered military defeats over and over again. Eventually, they were used to cover the base.

Now, as it became known, one of Jaysh Maghavir al-Saura’s units generally preferred to make a deal with official Damascus. So, more than a dozen pickup trucks came the day before from the American-occupied region. Militants agreed to leave the area of El Thanfa and lay down their weapons. In return, they will not be prosecuted for participation in armed groups.


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