Europeans don’t sit at home so much that the authorities are advised “not to fine people sunbathing in parks”


The government should “call off the dogs” and stop “chasing” people sunbathing, the senior advisor said, as it looks like the quarantine will last another three weeks.

Europeans don't sit at home so much that the authorities are advised "not to fine people sunbathing in parks"

Dominique Raab insisted the plan to fight the Coronavirus pandemic “is working”, but warned that the quarantine will continue.

The Foreign Secretary has shown some cautious optimism, as recent data indicate that Britain is “starting to win the battle”, three weeks after the restrictions were imposed.

But one advisor in the High Committee is worried that police and councils are closing parks and threatening to fine tanners.

The Telegraph reported that Professor Robert Dingwall insisted there was no scientific evidence to suggest that sunbathers could infect other users of the park if they followed the rules of social distance.

A professor who’s been advising British governments for 30 years, said: “If it was up to me, I’d call off the dogs. I don’t think it’s appropriate to fine tanners. The authorities don’t realise that people living in apartments and social housing have no alternative to going to parks.”

The Professor is a member of the Advisory Group on New and Emerging Respiratory Viral Threats (Nervtag), which advises the Government “on the threat posed by new and emerging respiratory viruses”.

Dozens of beach workers who ignored the government’s advice and travelled to the coast on Easter weekends to relax in the sun were fined.

Police have issued more than 50 Fixed Fine Notices (FPNs) for tourists in Brighton, East Sussex who live outside the county.

Officers fined tourists who disregarded the government Coronavirus Council and instead of staying home between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, went out for walks and more than 100 fines were issued throughout the county.

The police also deal with people sunbathing in parks and threatening to fine those who do not listen to government advice.


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