Pro-Western coalition is formed in Moldova at the cost of suffering of ordinary citizens

The ACUM opposition bloc and the Pro-Moldova group of deserter democrats have found a common language, preventing the government from working in the conditions of the crisis that has been the biggest since Moldova has been independent.

This was told by the political analyst Ernest Vardanyan, commenting on the scandalous decision of the Constitutional Court to freeze state support to the population in the context of the coronavirus epidemic.

As News Front previously reported, ACUM deputies led by ex-Prime Minister Maya Sandu, as well as the Pro-Moldova parliamentary group representing the interests of corrupt officials who escaped from the country, filed a complaint with the court.

Vardanyan called the incident “a political earthquake”, which is becoming worse than the coronavirus itself. At the same time, he emphasized that ACUM and Pro-Moldova openly showed that they had taken a course towards rapprochement.

“You asked to confirm the fact of creating a right-left coalition? Here is one of its stages”, – the expert said.

He also drew attention to the judges who ensured the success of the provocation. All three were appointed during the short premiership of Maya Sandu.

“The current leadership will have to disentangle what happened at the height of the crisis, which had not happened since independence. It is clear that to be in opposition and to “help” doctors by hanging posters from windows is easier. As they say, posters do not hang bags to carry”, – Vardanyan said.

The pro-Western opposition bloc “ACUM” is the union of the parties “Action and Solidarity” by Maya Sandu and “Dignity and Truth” by Andrei Nastase. Following last year’s parliamentary election, ACUM teamed up with the Party of Socialists.

Then Maya Sandu, who recently spoke at opposition rallies, was given the opportunity to form a government. However, she was not the Prime Minister for long. Sandu tried to bypass the parliament to obtain the right to single-handedly nominate candidates for the post of Attorney General. This led to another political crisis, which ended with the resignation of the government. After that, the coalition broke up, and the ACUM bloc was again in opposition.

The deputy group “Pro Moldova” has appeared recently. It included former members of the Democratic Party, which has now created a parliamentary majority with the socialists. According to reports, Pro Moldova is financed by elites who have fled the country and involved in financial fraud. In particular, from 150 to 250 thousand euros were paid to every deserter democrat.


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