Pandemic makes you learn a lesson – yesterday’s “yellow vests” save France from collapse

Those who have recently been decided not to be noticed, in the context of the epidemic of coronavirus, become real heroes.

Pandemic makes you learn a lesson - yesterday's “yellow vests” save France from collapse

Sociologists Jerome Furke and Chloe Moren spoke about this in a publication for the French edition “Le Figaro”.

Ordinary cashiers and drivers, deliveries and garbage collectors and nurses were at the forefront at the time of the crisis, the authors note, emphasizing the connection of these “invisible and often despised cogs of the system” with participants in the protest movement “yellow vests”. It was ordinary workers who became the symbols of protests – trucker Eric Drouet, assistant nurse Ingrid Levavaser and driver-mechanic Maxim Nicole.

At the same time, sociologists emphasize that today the number of working people “on the front line” is about twice the number of participants in protests, and a kind of social revenge has arisen in this hierarchical revolution.

“It remains to believe that this will not be 15 minutes of fame, and companies will learn a lesson from the current state of affairs in matters of public dialogue of remuneration, both symbolic and financial”, – the article says.

If this does not happen, experts warn, then the protest mood will again engulf the public at the most inopportune moment for the country, and people will put forward general requirements.


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