Fox: Trump’s rating went up to a record high in light of the coronavirus’ spread

According to the results of the survey conducted at the request of the TV channel, 49% of respondents approve of his work as the head of state.

The rating of U.S. President Donald Trump in light of the spread of the new coronavirus reached its highest since his inauguration. This is evidenced by the results of a public opinion poll published on Thursday, conducted from April 4 to 7, commissioned by Fox News.

According to the above data, 49% of respondents approve of Trump’s work as head of state. The opposite opinion is also held by 49% of the survey participants, while 2% did not give an answer.

Previously more than 48% of respondents did not give a positive assessment of Trump’s work during the whole period of Fox News surveys. This indicator was recorded in March this year and in February 2017. According to the researchers, the growth of Trump’s popularity is connected with the concern of citizens about the virus spread. The majority of respondents consider the measures taken in connection with the pandemic by the US authorities to be appropriate.

When asked whether they are worried about the virus, 94% of respondents answered in the affirmative, 6% – negative. 76% of respondents said they were afraid of being infected.

Popularity among voters

According to the poll, Trump has caught up with Joe Biden, the most likely Democrat candidate for the upcoming presidential election, for the first time.

Respondents were asked what kind of policy they would support in the presidential election if the vote were held now. At least 42% said they would give their vote to Biden. Also 42% said they would support Trump. About 7% said they would vote for another candidate, while 6% admitted they do not know what they would do yet. At least 3% said they would not go to the elections at all.

In March 49% of respondents were ready to vote for Biden and 40% – for Trump. Over the past year, Biden, according to Fox News, has outpaced Trump in popularity among voters by 7-14%.

According to the researchers, one of the reasons why Biden has lost his advantage is that he is unable to hold rallies and participate in public events because of the pandemic. Trump holds press conferences every day to talk about measures taken to combat the spread of the virus, the experts say. In addition, according to Fox News, the U.S. has recorded an increase in the number of voters who claim to support the Republican Party.

Biden became the only Democrat candidate for president of the United States after Senator Bernie Sanders left the race on Wednesday. Presidential elections in the United States are scheduled for November 3.

The survey was conducted among about 1.1 thousand Americans across the country. They’ve been asked questions on the phone.

According to Johns Hopkins University, which carries out calculations based on information from federal and local authorities, the U.S. recorded more than 461 thousand cases of infection with coronavirus. Over 16,400 people have died.