COVID-19 is now the number one killer in the USA

It is reported in the USA that there more people die from coronavirus every day than from cancer or cardiovascular disease. This is reported by Fox News on Friday, April 10.

COVID-19 is now the number one killer in the USA

“COVID-19 is currently the number one cause of death in the United States, killing on average more people a day than cancer or heart disease”, – the report said.

According to data released on Tuesday by Dr. Maria Danilycheva in San Diego, California, the virus causes 1970 deaths in the United States in a day.

For comparison, 1774 deaths per day are associated with cardiovascular diseases and 1641 – with oncology.

As reported, the death toll in the US from coronavirus continues to increase dramatically in recent weeks. According to Wordmeter, there were 16,697 deaths out of 468,895 infections in the United States. For the past three days, the number of Americans killed per day has been above 1,900 deaths.

Lately it was reported that in the United States more than 450 thousand infected with coronavirus. The country currently holds a leading position in the number of infected and second place after Italy in the number of victims of COVID-19.

The United States is reviewing the amount of funding for WHO, because they do not see the expected result.


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