Britain can still undergo hard Brexit

The government of Boris Johnson so eagerly sought to withdraw Britain from the European Union, that did not notice the impending wave of a pandemic.

Britain can still undergo hard Brexit

This was told by the French journalist Florentin Collomp in a publication for the “Le Figaro” edition.

As you know, after Britain nevertheless withdrew from the EU, agreements on a transitional period came into force, when cooperation between the parties practically remains at the same level. The transition period largely leveled London damage from Brexit. During this time, it needed to build new trade relations with the European Union, but the coronavirus infection pandemic made adjustments.

According to the journalist, now it’s even hard to imagine that London and Brussels will be able to resolve the issue by the fall. Of course, Britain may still ask for an extension of the transition period, taking into account force majeure, but this must be done within the next three months.

Collomp believes that the United Kingdom has every chance of getting the “tough” Brexit that they regularly talked about. The transition period will end this year. If, by that time, the parties do not make a deal, long and difficult negotiations on Brexit would be in vain. In this case, Britain will already face two problems – the coronavirus crisis and the “tough” exit from the EU. The only question is, the author notes, can London afford such a luxury?


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