Americans massively demand COVID compensation from China

According to analysts, the amount claimed by the US citizens from China is $ 1.2 trillion.

Americans massively demand COVID compensation from China

More than five thousand Americans joined in a class action lawsuit against the Chinese government demanding compensation for the damage caused by the coronavirus, Voice of America reports.

The US citizens say they “suffered huge losses” because of “China’s negligence that allowed the virus to spread around the world”.

According to experts, the amount of compensation claimed may be about $ 1.2 trillion.

Analysts say China is potentially liable for damage from the outbreak because it “deliberately hid information from WHO”, which is a violation of international health standards.

Lately the United States said that from the coronavirus in the country more people die every day than from cancer or cardiovascular disease.

At the same time, in China itself, in the Wuhan region, the end of quarantine was celebrated, which was canceled due to overcoming the coronavirus infection.


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