Moldovan deserter democrat owes a debt to fugitive Plahotniuc

Former Speaker of the Moldovan Parliament Andrian Candu owes 3 million lei to the oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc, who fled the country, after acquiring real estate from him.

Moldovan deserter democrat owes a debt to fugitive Plahotniuc

This is evidenced by the data declaration of Kandu.

According to the document, last year he received 168 thousand lei [9.3 thousand dollars] of salary and about 60 thousand lei [3.3 thousand dollars] of benefits. Other income is not declared. However, in the amended declaration for 2019, it turned out that politicians had acquired real estate. In addition to the two apartments that he indicated back in 2018, an object of 134 square meters and two garages appeared.

It is noteworthy that everything was bought from the now hiding Vladimir Plahotniuc. In total, Kandu paid the oligarch 1.5 million lei [83 thousand dollars].

Plahotniuc himself in his latest declaration indicated that he had sold Kanda an apartment of 243 square meters for 4.7 million lei [260 thousand dollars]. Kandu, in turn, did not indicate the previous owner of the living space.

The declaration also states that Kandu owed Plahotniuc 3 million euros [166 thousand dollars]. According to the document, the debt will be paid for 4 years.

As News Front previously reported, Vladimir Plahotniuc fled Moldova after an unsuccessful coup attempt in Moldova. Later, he also resigned as head of the Democratic Party. This post was taken by former Prime Minister Pavel Filip, but disagreements ripened in the party. Ultimately, some of the Democrats left the political formation, having formed their own parliamentary association “Pro Moldova”. He was led by Andrian Candu. According to reports, Pro Moldova still represents the interests of elites who escaped from the country. The sponsor of the formation, in particular, is Ilan Shor, implicated in the financial frauds of Plahotniuc.


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