Through Trump’s efforts, the U.S. can legitimately occupy the moon

The United States has withdrawn from another international agreement. This time, the Treaty on the Activities of States on the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies fell victim to Washington’s destructive policies.

Through Trump's efforts, the U.S. can legitimately occupy the moon

The corresponding decree was signed by U.S. President Donald Trump. The document was published by the White House press service on Tuesday, April 7.

Thus, Washington has demonstrated its claims to the extraction of natural resources of the moon against the background of the rapid launch in the U.S. program to develop the Earth’s satellite, as well as the surface of Mars.

According to the Trump decree, the U.S. no longer considers the Moon as the common property of mankind and intends to “engage in commercial exploration, production and use of resources in outer space.”

The U.S. president’s resonance decision was commented by Roscosmos deputy head Sergei Saveliev. According to him, the desire of one power to occupy the territories of celestial bodies alone does not contribute to fruitful international cooperation.

“Intentions to appropriate outer space, as well as aggressive plans that involve the actual seizure of other planets can not contribute to constructive interaction between states”, –  he said.


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