Polish opposition sabotages remote elections

There is no logic in quarantining even forests, but at the same time holding presidential elections.

This statement was made by the Secretary-General of the opposition platform Civil Platform Marchin Kervinsky, commenting on the scandalous attempt by the country’s ruling elite to hold the presidential election in a remote format.

As News Front previously reported, the lower house of parliament has already supported the bill, according to which voting in the framework of the presidential election will be held by mail within the legal period of 10 May.

Such alignment can be beneficial only to the Law and Justice party and its candidate Andrzej Dude, who, as the current president, receives a lot of preferences during the period of strict quarantine.

“The very idea that we hold elections in May at the peak of the epidemic is completely reckless. It is unacceptable for the Polish President to choose the coronavirus”, – Kervinsky said.

“Where is the logic, if they close forests, but they force people to vote. They obviously do not have everything at home, there is not even elementary logic when it comes to the safety of citizens”.

At the same time, the politician emphasized that Malgožata Kidava-Blonska, the presidential candidate for the Civil Platform and the main opponent of Andrzej Duda, had already urged the Poles not to participate in the election process so as not to risk their own health. Kidawa Blonska himself has stopped his election campaign.


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