Man opens fire on police officers in Ukraine

A man closed himself in a house and opened fire on policemen in the Vinnitsa region of Ukraine, four law enforcement officers were injured, the Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs said on Tuesday.

Man opens fire on police officers in Ukraine

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, on Monday evening the police received a message from a local resident that during the conflict his neighbor behaved inappropriately, waved his arms and threatened to use him. Law enforcement officers left for the place.

“The offender refused to communicate with the police, and then, going out into the street, fired several shots from the gun up, threatening reprisals against the police. The man behaved inappropriately, at the request of the policemen he didn’t react to calm down and give up his weapons, and then he closed in the house where there was his elderly father… During the assault on the house, the attacker started firing at a special forces unit with a rifle and pistol, resulting in four policemen being injured”, – the report said.

The department noted that the man was detained, a hunting rifle and a gun were seized from him, and they were sent for examination. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the offender was injured during the detention; he is under police protection in the hospital.

Criminal proceedings have been instituted under the articles “threat or violence against a law enforcement officer” and “encroachment on the life of a law enforcement officer”, a man faces up to 15 years in prison or life imprisonment.


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