French Ministry of Health reports worsening epidemiological situation

France has not yet overcome the peak of the coronavirus epidemic, the situation in the country continues to worsen, the Head of the Ministry of Health Olivier Veran said on Monday.

“The growth rate of the number of people hospitalized in serious condition is slowing down, but still growing. This means that we are not at the peak of the epidemic yet, we are still at the stage of epidemic worsening at the national level”, – the minister said on BFMTV.

He noted that “he often hears conversations about the end of isolation”.

“I understand the impatience of the French, I’m the same Frenchman and would be happy to answer the question of what will happen next. But my message is that we must continue to restrict movement, as never before. The epidemic continues on its way, the number of patients is growing, every day we breaking records of those hospitalized in intensive care. This does not mean that the measures do not work. It means that they must be continued”, – Veran urged.

According to data on Monday evening, the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in France exceeded 98 thousand. During the epidemic, only 8911 people died in hospitals and medical and social institutions.


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