Syrian army gets attacked by militants in desert in the east of Homsr province

A pro-government militia detachment of the Syrian National Defense Forces was attacked by terrorists in the desert of Badiya al-Sham in the province of Homsr. This was reported by the source of the FAN Ahmad Marzuk.

Militants of ISIS (a terrorist group banned in the Russian Federation) made a sortie at a time when the detachment examined the area in the Syrian desert. As a result of the armed attack, one of the pro-government fighters died.

Terrorists hiding in the US-occupied territory in the southern province of Homsr are suspected of organizing an attack.

It is also reported that pro-Turkish militants came into conflict with militants deported from Homsr in northern Aleppo. It is noted that the jihajists who arrived from the Rastan Cauldron killed one of the members of the allies of Turkey, who staged a fire in a refugee camp near the city of Ar-Rai.