One in four patients is doomed: New York doctors have revealed the horrors of the fight against the coronavirus

The outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic in New York is approaching its peak.

One in four patients is doomed: New York doctors have revealed the horrors of the fight against the coronavirus

One in four patients is doomed: New York doctors have uncovered the horrors of the Coronavirus fight.
This was told by local doctors to CNN journalists who were admitted to Brooklyn University Hospital, now closed to the general public. Now here, as well as in two other hospitals in the city, they treat only those infected with COVID-19. The flow of patients does not stop, and one in four of them dies.

“They are gravely ill. A moment and we lose them”, –  said Doctor Julie Eason. – “First you talk, and then minutes later you push a tube down their throats, hoping that the ventilator can be connected.”

Dr. Lorenzo Paladino notes that the “nature of the disease” is to blame. The epidemic is expected to peak in the city, but even now there are a lot of patients. The staff can’t even rest, although doctors are still trying to stay calm.

“They just had to observe the consequences of four alarm codes [when the patient needs resuscitation]. For them, it’s something from Grey’s Anatomy. That can’t happen in life. They shouldn’t have seen it”, –  continues Paladino.

Dr. Cynthia Benson said doctors sign up for something like this, “but not on this scale. In just 40 minutes, six patients had their heart stopped and four died before the doctors took them out of the room.

Statistics show that 90 per cent of all patients in the hospital are over 45 years of age, while 60 per cent are over 65. At the same time, among the hundreds of those infected, the hospital has several twenty-year-olds. The youngest patient is 3 years old.

“After the signals, you get these feelings when you wonder if you’ve done all you can? I think it’s morally hard to be prepared for so many patients, suffering and death.”

Now the New York State authorities expect to get another 30,000 ventilators, as they are catastrophically lacking. Lorenzo Paladino was one of those who practiced connecting two patients to the same machine. However, he admits that a ventilator is not a panacea, and the chances of survival for those connected to the system are very slim.

Julie Eason, in turn, visited that in addition to the small number of IRS devices, there is a shortage of specialized specialists. According to her, the procedure of connecting to the ventilation system is very complicated.

“If you connect it wrong, the consequences for the patient will be opposite”, –  she said.

As previously reported by News Front, New York City has become the U.S. epicenter of the spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19 in many ways the efforts of the city of Bill de Blasio. As an ardent liberal, he openly urged residents not to sacrifice their freedoms by staying home in quarantine.


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