Iranian deputy says no one will be arrested for the downing of UIA

The Iranian deputy believes that the Iranian military “performed their duties well”, and “the plane was controlled by other countries”.

In Iran, a member of the parliament’s legislative and justice commission, Hassan Norouzi, said no one would be arrested for the downing of the UIA passenger plane near Tehran. This was reported by Al Arabia on Monday, April 6.

“The military forces performed their duties well. The movement of the aircraft was very suspicious”, – said Norouzi.

The deputy also said that the plane allegedly “was not under the control of the control tower, but was under the control of America”, the board was in Israel a week before the attacks and there “its security system was hacked and seized control”.

“Special targets were set on the plane in Iran. Given that the plane was controlled by other countries, our military did a good job. Given this evidence, it would be pointless to arrest the persons involved”, – the Iranian parliamentarian added.

Norouzi stressed that they would not arrest those involved in a deadly plane crash.

Earlier Ukraine and Iran agreed to investigate the UIA plane. The parties agreed on the need for an immediate decryption of black boxes.

Then, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said that the black boxes of the UIA plane are still in Iran. The Ukrainian side works with Iran in two directions – diplomatic-legal and aviation-technical.