Venezuela prepares for a full-scale war: Maduro accuses the US of preparing terrorist attacks

The Armed Forces of Venezuela are preparing to repulse the offensive against the backdrop of the fact that the United States launched a major military operation in the Western Hemisphere under the guise of combating drugs.

Venezuela prepares for a full-scale war: Maduro accuses the US of preparing terrorist attacks

As News Front previously reported, at the beginning of last year, the Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido, with US support, proclaimed himself the “president” of the Bolivarian Republic instead of the elected head of state, Nicolas Maduro.

Washington immediately recognized the legitimacy of Guaido, forcing many other countries to do so. Nevertheless, after several futile attempts to lure the army to his side and carry out a coup, Guaido was never able to seize power in the country.

In this regard, the US Department of Justice decided to take a different path and accused fifteen representatives of official Caracas, including President Maduro, of drug trafficking. Washington even appointed a reward for information that would allow the arrest of Venezuelan statesmen. Later, Donald Trump went even further, announcing the start of a large-scale military operation with the participation of the United States and another 22 countries. Under the guise of combating drugs, the United States deployed naval destroyers, coast guard ships, and aircraft to the area where the operation was conducted.

Against this background, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro ordered the mobilization of artillery in order to protect the country from external threats.

“As part of the operation, the Bolivarian Shield, I ordered the preparation of artillery to fight for peace in Venezuela,” said the head of the republic, speaking in Caracas.

He emphasized that the United States, together with Colombia, funded armed gangs to “carry out terrorist attacks and coup d’état” in Venezuela.


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