The epidemic in war: how the hospital in Syrian Aleppo works

Aleppo Province has always remained one of Syria’s hot spots. Against this background, the capital of the region is preparing for a new confrontation – with the epidemic of coronavirus infection COVID-19.

The epidemic in war: how the hospital in Syrian Aleppo works

Now at the University Hospital – one of the largest medical institutions in the city – a department for coronavirus infected has opened. Doctors are already taking locals with suspected COVID-19. To date, only a few people are in the department. Their diagnosis has not yet been confirmed – analyzes are sent to specialists in Damascus.

The local doctor, Munaf Sharbaji, said that the department was designed for fifty people. In addition, the hospital has eighteen mechanical ventilation devices.

“So far, no cases of infection have been detected in Aleppo,” said Sharbaji. “Nevertheless, we are prepared for the worst case scenario.”

Specialist physician Imad Idris said that hospital staff check all patients with complaints of coughing and fever. In this regard, patients are measured at the inlet temperature.

“This is a standard check,” says Imad Idris. “If there is a suspicion that a person is infected with coronavirus, we isolate him and transfer him to observation.”

According to official information, now in Syria 16 cases of infection and two deaths have been registered. In connection with the threat of an epidemic, the country’s authorities imposed a number of restrictions. In particular, curfews began to operate throughout the republic, the country’s borders were closed, and transport links between regions were suspended.


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